Why did he look at me?

Okay so my experience has been that usually when a guy holds the door for a girl there is little, if any eye contact or "lingering". Tonight however, a guy who I have seen looking at me in one of my classes held the door for me in my dorm building and then looked back and made eye contact with me for a couple of seconds.

I, of course, said thank you. We have never had a real conversation though.

My question is...do you think there is something there or am I just over thinking it? Usually I wouldn't think anything of a guy holding a door, but there was just something different this time with the eye contact and everything. What do you think?


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  • I think girls in general tend to over think guys' actions. He could feel some attraction or he could not. Maybe you should talk with him.


What Girls Said 1

  • maybe, but you have to hang out with him more to know for sure the type of person he is and whether or not it was significant. if he does like you, I'm sure there'll be more close moments b/t the 2 of you