Why do guys mostly hit on me when I look bad?

I realized I get more attention on my "bad looking"days than I do on my good looking days.

For example 2 days ago,I got maybe 4/5 hours sleep,I wore no makeup (under eye bags, and some hyperpigmentation from old pimples), and I threw my hair up in a ponytail. I wore a simple black shirt and Jeans with boots. The only thing I did that was kind of cute is wear earrings.

That day 4 guys talked to me.

Yesterday,I got more sleep and had extra time to get ready. I styled my hair (flat ironed the texture out), wore makeup (I did a daytime shimmery smokey eye and pinkish gloss), wore mascara that makes my lashes look super long, and did my nails and every thing. none talked to me.

This happens a lot. On the days I look a hot mess I get more attention than the days I look very nice. Other girls are saying the same thing. Can men explain why?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Some men are insecure, they think that you present less value when you look like a hot mess - meaning you're more likely to react well to their advances.

    If you're all dressed up, you present higher value. Meaning some men will be intimidated.

    • Would you say its better for a girl to dress up so she can attract higher value men?

    • Some guys may not appreciate me saying this, but yeah!

      For sure! You choose who you want, step it up. Never feel as if you're settling.

What Guys Said 1

  • Some of us really find ponytails exciting. And we are turned off by a lot of glowing and shimmery makeup. So there you are.

    Also, jeans with boots by themselves are a turn on. ANd that does't work with a lot of makeup. Some of us are so discerning about the ensemble coordinating well!


What Girls Said 1

  • Ur trying 2 hard on yourself. You obviously look better w/o makeupp. Go natural.