Guys, what kind of makeup do you hate?

Also, do you think I wear too much make up? I don´t wear anything else except for black eyeliner like this:


and that´s it. I don´t wear anything else.

Sometimes when I go out or I feel like it I paint my lips red like this:


Is that considered too much make up?


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  • I know I'm not a guy either, but no, I don't think you wear too much makeup at all.

    Actually compared to most girls (and me sometimes) that's very minimal considering how I bet you don't combine the two very often or at all.

    I like the eyeliner


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  • You are fine with me...I don't mind lipstick including red...I am actually an advocate of mascara and not so much on the eyeliner...yet I don't mind a bit of eyeliner...just keep it on the lighter side...(:(:(:


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  • I know you want guys' answers, but I think red lips and winged eyeliner sounds pretty classy.

    I think wearing makeup on your eyes and lips but not on your face (no foundation, little concealer etc.) is a good compromise, since eye makeup and lipstick seems more like an accessory to me, it's not like you're fooling anyone into thinking your eyes look like cat eyes naturally. :P Whereas face makeup that covers imperfections is kind of like lying, you know?

    • Yeah, I don't wear foundation or anything else, so I guess I'm not lying. And I do think makeup is kind of an accesory too. Thanks for answering!