Is there any way to increase height at the age of 25?

Hi All ! My height is 6'0 and my weight is 172 lbs(78 kg)but I want it to increase my height at least 2 inches is there any way to increase it or any exercise PLEASE HELP! Thanks

i know 6'0'' is gud height but the thing is this that I am learning MMA and in a fight reach plays important role in winning or loose...So here I am :-)


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  • Wear some heels! Or boots or whatever you prefer.

    • thanx but I want to increase height so that I can have reach advantage I mean I am learning MMA and reach plays important role in winning

    • Yeah I know what you meant but honestly I don't think you're going to be able to alter your body like that, or at least not naturally, nothing that I know of at least.

    • Thank you anyways:-)


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  • you cant. you are past the point for growing

  • You can't change you height by growing, no.

    But if you do things like yoga where you stretch, straighten your spine and develop better posture (you might think you have good posture, but it might not be in the right way to make you stand as tall as possible) your spine sits straighter and makes you as tall as possible, sometimes adding over an inch!

    This has to be done over time though.

    • Thanx...for suggesting yoga I'll try it may be it can help..

  • No, way to increase your height. What is wrong with being 6'? I think that is pretty tall.

  • No, once you go through puberty you don't get any taller. 6'0 really isn't anything to complain about unless you are trying to join the NBA.

    • Well with reaching you would have to lengthen your arms, and the only possible way to do that is through surgery. Stretching daily will only lengthen your spine by a minute bit, which will not help you achieve what you want. What you should do is practice evasive moves to be able to avoid when someone taller than you reaches for you. Height is only a small advantage in mma, you can hone your skills and have greater advantages :)

    • Thanks :-)

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  • You're complaining about being 6'0"? You sir, should be jailed. No, there's no way to increase your height. If there was, short men would be doing it left, right and center. Unless you want to get 'Distraction Osteogenesis'.

    • Thanx but for callus distraction I have to go under surgery which I don't there any natural way?

    • People say stretching daily can help by an inch or so due to proper posture. There are also growth supplements that may help but you should talk to your doctor before taking anything like that.

  • No way and anyhow, reach is determined by armlength.

    • leg length also matters for kicking...