What about the way I dress....?

Everyone has a different idea of how a loose woman looks. Please inform me. I am a virgin and good looking and follow trends here. So you are telling me that guys think I am a "bad girl" just from my clothing!?! Seriously... OK, please tell me what these things are. Makeup, short skirts, what? Everyone wears these things now days. Please --- do tell.


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  • Oh don't worry about it seriously. We all forget sometimes that these judgmental idiots are the ones you want to filter out of your life at any rate.

    So basically what you're doing is dressing the way you feel is comfortable to you and then you just accept that some people will never learn or understand :-) it's sad but even if you could MAKE them understand it's usually not worth your time. So just do whatever you're doing and when you grow up you'll be better from it. Peace.


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  • The way a person dresses can intimidate. If you want to be honest women dress up for other women because guys do not really care. If I took you out and you wore high heels, mini skirts, and Kesha makeup I would be embarrassed. I would wear a suit and tie. If you want to dress for a guys attention then dress up nice but be conservative. If you want to sleep around think of the one night stand guys who will hit on you using magic words to entice you. If you dress for attention you will get it but do not blame others for thinking you want that attention. If you want to get real look at classy women and see how many guys fawn over them VS how many one night stands the trashy looking girl gets. It is a numbers game and the numbers lean heavy that girls who dress like whores ARE whores.


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  • It depends how you dress. I don't think the average girl dresses slutty so if you're following trends and not going too far and being extra you're good style wise. If you're asking this because of comments on this site, please note that there are users on here who are very conservative and old fashioned.