My boyfriend thinks I dress old and British?

I am 28 but I don't dress like these girls in jeans and tank tops and those ugly ballet looking shoes. I have an expensive taste in clothes even though I can't afford it so I design mine at times cause I am also a freelance fashion designer, anyway all of his exes follow trends and wear what's in and lots of colorful stuff on their arms and take pictures with duckface... ugh. I create mine and I prefer elegance over style. I like to look like a woman and not a little girl.. He is 30

My style is more like these: what do you think?





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  • I don't think he was insulting you. I think he was pointing out the obvious. You would know if he was insulting you, trust me

    • i don't dress old. I dress classy

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    • Like I said...opposites attract

    • LOL. He dresses as if he fell off the back of a truck? Then why are you bothered by his remark on your dressing. I think it looks great and personally I like your style but mix it up sometimes. I have my own personal style too but sometimes I try to 'fit in'. I try not go out looking 'overdressed' if I'm out with people who have less fashion sense in other words ;-P


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  • I wish girls would dress more like this. This is so f*cking rare that I just want to castrate myself.

    • well he was like, umm babe you dress old and British... people your age would not approach you cause you look stuck up

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    • mmmm I guess. the funny part is if I dress like his exes and wear tight revealing clothes he'll freak

    • Haha. Does he screams out their names when he's with you?

  • First was nice, second two ugly.

    I really like elegant but attractive female dress.

    I also like fully on slutty clothing.

    Mix it up perhaps? But that's just me. I know a lot of guys either like slutty until she's their girlfriend then want toned down slutty, or they only like 'elegant' or whatever.

  • I love it. Especially the 2nd link. I wish more girls would dress like that. It's elegant and classy. Even in the UK there is a shortage of girls who dress like that over here. Don't listen to your boyfriend lol.

  • I like your style.

  • The 1st one and third one are very nice. Those leather pants and blouse are god awful.

    • well the pants are normally tighter :p

    • They may look better tighter. In that walk through those pants looked terrible on her ass. The blouse is really ugly in my opinion too. The 1st dress is very elegant and lovely. The 3rd one is great too. Very classy and also sexy.

    • lol

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  • They are very cute and mature looking clothing.

    They look like they are something for a woman already in her 30s.

    Theres nothing wrong with dressing classy (and leaving somethings to the imagination).

    I guess he is associating your style with women that dress older because when

    you get a certain age, you try to dress more age appropriate.

    Usually, the

    cut out dresses/jeans,

    tons of bracelets

    colorful clothing

    are left to people in their twenties.

    I really don't think the way you dress should be an issue in your relationship.

    But however, he is your man and you want to satisfy him.

    Theres nothing wrong with once in a while wearing something he finds hot,

    and putting it on.

    • "Theres nothing wrong with once in a while wearing something he finds hot,

      and putting it on."

      She probably doesn't feel comfortable going out in anything he finds hot. This would be more for the "bedroom" area

    • I have my times when I go skinny pants, corset type clothes that shows off my navel ring thing but he would freak, so as much as he complain about dressing older he still would not want me to dress like that in public... and yes I do have, really hot bedroom outfits

    • I guess he's a walking contradiction huh? Lol!

      @GAG. When I say hot I don't mean you have to be half naked.

      A woman can be wearing tight jeans and a tank top and look "hot".

      It all has to do with how you are perceived and how that outfit flatters your body.

  • I personally think your style is fabulous, and its also stuff I would wear, love it

  • Dunno what you mean, I see lots of girls wearing cute, girlie pieces like that. I like it.

    Perhaps he just likes the more casual look?

  • I love all the links, ecspecially the first. I find absolutely nothing wrong with the way you dress, I admire women who dress classy.