Girls if you look at a guy in class and he looks back at you what is your reaction?

What is on your mind when that happens. And what happens if it the complete opposite when he doesn't look at you but you think he likes your?


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What Girls Said 1

  • My thought is: *blank*

    I don't think about it when some random guy randomly looks at me. I look around in class too, looking what people wear, who they are, do I remember seeing them, ...

    If I think a guy likes me, I don't expect him to stare at me every minute of the class :')


What Guys Said 1

  • If they like you, then of course they like that they are gaining your interest. If they think you like them but you're not giving them much attention, eventually they start making bolder more obvious moves until you go wow she likes me lol or they give up in frustration feeling a little embarrassed and rejected depending on how much they think you're worth. =P If you don't move on them they get confused as hell man. They go through cycles of he loves me he loves me not. They question themselves and think he's not interested and try to explain it away, then they come right back to it and think you like them again. A day in my life. =P