Is it entertaining to watch people study?

Or why do guys stare at me during class?

It happens every semester, especially in math and science classes. I pay attention in all my classes so even though I stay quiet throughout the whole class, I do follow along. So I'm always taking notes and solving math problems. Same thing in my science classes . Well in both classes, there's always guys who stare but don't talk to me. In math, one of them sits next to me and he always looks.

In my chemistry class, its a group of guys who all look over every once in a while but not at the same time. I kind of talk to one of them. I talked to another one of those guys another time, and some how he knew my name. so I worked with him one day and he kept saying I was so smart. Ever since that day, he keeps looking over,even more, instead of paying attention in class. Its 4 guys in that group and they constantly look over at me because I sit nearby.

I thought it was me being paranoid but I've caught them and I quickly look away and pretend I saw nothing.

So idk. Why do they watch what I do? I'm not even that interesting. I just sit there and do math and stuff.


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  • I think it's hot as F*** when a girl is doing calculations. Most girls are texting or ignoring the prof on 'Facebook' or various other websites. It's a refreshing change to see a girl using her mind instead of abusing it. They probably feel the same way? Maybe you have a funny "thinking" face?

    • Thats true. More than half the people in those classes are usually on their phones. Some people even put their earphones on. Its unbelievable.

      Haha a funny thinking face? Maybe. I've never seen myself study before.


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  • I think some people study at the library to check people out and increase their dating potential personally.


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  • I love watching people study. I think its fascinating watching someone focus on something outside of themselves, without giving a sh*t about anything frivolous. I take pictures of my friends when they stiudy. there is something beautiful about a person deep in serious contemplation.

    guys staring at you while you're studying are probably interested in you-at least sexually.

    • Thats true. It does look pretty nice when people study or read.

      sexually? Like theyd would like to get into my pants? how odd. I always thought I dressed so modestly, I looked like a prude.

  • They think you're pretty

  • fishing for compliments?

    • Compliments? But I didn't post a picture. And I'm not going to.

    • I know but your post was a little too obvious that you know exactly that they find you attractive

    • No I didn't think it was because of that. I'm not that great looking. Plus there are a lot of girls in that class and they look better than me. I don't know why their attention is directed at me.