Confused! Does he like me or no?

When this guy first saw me he looked at me and scrunched his eyebrows. He started looking at me and when I looked he held eye contact at first but now he either looks away or I do before he does. He started walking by me a lot and looking as well. I smiled at him Monday before he could look away and he smiled back. When he leaves early from his class he walks by my class and looks sideways inside the door window.

The day after I smiled at him he tried not to look at me but he passed by me and looked in the window of my classroom when he was walking by. Then yesterday when I was sitting outside in the hallway he was walking and when I looked up I saw him looking at me then at my friend then back at me but he tried not to make eye contact with me. He sat down and I don't know if he was looking but I didn't see him looking when I looked. He got up and made himself not look at me.

Does he not like me or what's his deal?

Idk if this helps but usually he dresses in sweat pants and a hoodie with running shoes but yesterday he dressed in nice jeans and a nice shirt with some shoes.


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  • From what you've described, I'd have to say yes.


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  • Obviously yes. Usually guys don't look and smile at girls they don't like.


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  • YES.

    Just keep saying hi to him if you like him.

    If you know his name, call him by name...(Hi, so and so...)