Should I get braces?

I have crooked teeth mostly at the bottom. No one ever really said anything to them, my friend said its not really obvious. I want to get braces but I am afraid to look weirder. I am 21 and I look younger, I'll probably look younger if I have braces.


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  • You'll avoid major problems in the future by gettng the braces, and you'll only have to wear them a year or two in most cases. Maybe not even that, since sometimes you only have to wear them at night.

    It's not a question of the looks, it's possible jaw problems because of an uneven bite., or nerve damage to the tooth roots.

    • The other reason why I want to get them is that sometimes I have some pain in my jaw, my denstist said its not a problem if I can take the pain but its really my choice if I want to get my jaw problem corrected.

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    • Thanks, JB, keep on smiling!

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  • The braces come off eventually. It is better to have oral adjustments done when you're younger instead of waiting until you are older. The sooner you get started, the better if you're going to do it. I'd say go for it.

  • If you really really want to get braces, then you're free to do so~

    I personally think that it wouldn't make you look weird.

    But I'll let you into something, Some guys are just crazy about girls with braces~


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  • If they aren't very noticeable and aren't a risk to your health then I wouldn't worry about it. Do what makes you feel better about yourself. Also, they do have invisalign instead of regular ordinary braces!