How to look sexy in the winter? I use my French fisherman's sweater, but that's not the only way.

For girls, shorts, just above the knee length, and black or red leggings/tights are just as good as any miniskirt...

But I'm sure you have your own suggestions!


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  • Good boots and a red lipstick. " Ash Italia " boots are pretty hot or somthing simular

    • REd lipstick? Why only red?

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    • Lipstick wouldn't look good on me! Thx for the rating, auraann.

    • Google all saints or a child of the jago to get some cool London style clothing if you would like male advice . :)


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  • I personally feel very sexy in winter when I wear nice riding boots, I got these amazing Italian tan leather boots... best boots ever. I wear them almost every day! :P I wear them with miniskirts, jeans... everything.

    What I also think looks nice is a turtleneck (yes turtlenecks can look nice, you just gotta know how to style them :P), with a nice skirt, and heels... mmm love it lol. Add some nice jewelry, put your hair up, nice makeup and BAM you'll feel smokin. Well, I do. xD

    I also loveeee tight jeans, high heels, and a nice angora sweater :) I have 2 angora sweaters, one with a v neck and the other one is a off the shoulder one... Very sexy :)

  • Fitted sweater, any type of jacket (which ever style you prefer), Jeans (jeans always look good for any season) (scarfs) (combat boots, cool sneakers...Or any other shoe of your preference... I don't know if that helped(probably) didn't umm Nut I found this website for Men Winter Fashion :)



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  • If you have a fit body, I suggest you look up Sean John's products. His winter clothes are amazing, like designer style fit. The clothes shoulder-chest-upperback-waist ratio is proportionate to the body type. His products are not expensive though.

  • We don't have winter here where I am so no need for cold clothing, but this month me and the Mrs are going to France, yup you heard me right France in November, we are cuckoo. I'm actually accompanying her while she follows a Geological reservoir engineering training of some kind.

    I got one of those black pea coats with the 6 buttons in the front and a nice new pair of leather Kenneth Cole boots which are very very nice, I'm gonna combine it with a earth tone colored scarf and a pair of nice leather gloves.

    I have never looked so chique , maybe because this will be the first winter I have seen since I was 16. I have also grown out my mustache and a bit of my chin hairs to give me a more sophisticated look and protect my mouth from the elements a bit.