Guys what do you look for in a girl and girls what do you look for in a guy?

Guys what are qualities you look for in a girl in order to start a serious relationship... long term and how do you know its time to commit... ?


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  • When I'm looking I usually look for a someone that it feels natural to be around so it don't seem forced intelligent is another thing so that there can be some kind of conversation. And health. It may sound conceded but a healthy look is also important, I don't mind bigger but also obese and not doing anything about it is just nasty as well as anorexia. And finally goal driven is something to look for if no goals and ambitions then where can any relationship go but down the drain, as far as commitment goes if you are in a relationship be committed and don't play the field if you want out get out. As far as something like marriage goes I have a personal five year rule so as to test if they are ready for commitment no use devoting rest of your life if they can't even date for simple five years

  • Oriental beauty ahahaha.


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