How do you like your girl to style her hair?

I know, silly question, but I've always wondered what type of hair guys actually prefer? (its not my fault I swear! My moms a stylist, I blame her for the obsession. Haha ;d) curly or straight? Blond, black, brown or red? Up or down? Do you think its better when a girl puts a lot of work into her hair, or do you prefer that natural style?

how does your dream girl wear her hair?

I'm adding a hair color poll as well. Haha

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Also, girls!

what's your favorite way to fix your hair? And what is your favorite hair color?


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  • I like guys with any color hair, as long as I think it looks good. And for my hair, when I was in highschool, I use to wake up every morning just so I could curl my hair. But now that I'm older, I'm happy if I get to wash and blow dry it. I think guys always go for girls that look like they don't take to much time on their hair. Natural is always more attractive.


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  • Brown curly hair that is at least shoulder length. The curls the better. Small or big curls doesn't matter.

  • I voted for "blonde". That's my girlfriend's natural hair color, and she wears it shoulder length. So sexy! I love it!

  • Black long hair down, and whip straight! And very soft!

  • I don't think the color matters, I like that to be natural on a girl, but I personally don't care about curly or straight either, its best in my opinion messy and kinda choppy with layers, but keep it clean

  • I like it when girls fix up their hair. Wearing it down is okay, but spending some time on it is great. Regarding color, straightness, etc., it depends on the girl's personality, face shape, and general style; what works for one girl may not work for another.

  • Personally, I have a thing for pony tails. I also like some of the shorter hair styles. Though I have no direct preference when looking for potential dates. I also generally prefer brunettes. The natural style is generally better because I like a more natural beauty over something that's done up to look fancy. Nature is the best artist in the world you know.


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