Ladies: I'm inept at fashion and need your help

I wore a pair of boots the other day and somehow they ripped off the nail of my pinkie toe.

So now the skin where the nail used to be is super sensitive. However, I have to wear a pair of heels tomorrow night (closed toe) that have been known to give my pinkie toes blisters. How do I prevent any further irritation on my toe?

The shoe is made in such a way that any band aid I put on my toe would probably be seen. I was thinking of wearing hosiery or something unless someone can give me tips?


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  • get a different pair of shoes?

    • I can't. There's no time to go shopping before tomorrow night. I'm too busy.


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  • either wear nude tights or if your shoes match you can always wear black bec it's pretty much winter


What Girls Said 1

  • Oh ouch! That must have really hurt! To be honest really careful wearing heals. Not only are they going to really hurt but that's going to be really bad for you're toe. If it ripped the whole nail off be really careful or I think it may not grow back...I'd personally go and get new shoes or wear something more open toed.