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What clothes look good on guys?

I wear carpenter jeans, and polo shirt, or sometimes full button up shirts, but I'm wondering what girls like to see their man in.

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  • A mankini

  • I love seeing guys in chinos or skinny jeans, maybe a little slouched with a cute shirt, fully buttoned and a cute sweater over the top (don't always need a sweater though) and a pair of converse, plimsoles, boots, or high tops to match, a beanie or snapback and a stylish backpack or satchel bag to go with is a perfect outfit, I'd say. :)

  • I love button up shirts.

  • It defiantly depends on the girl. I like to see a guys in nice slim jeans and a button down shirts... dressed up but not too dressed up. I am not a huge fan of baggy clothes. But, honestly, if I like a guy, I like to see him in just about anything... including nothing. ;)

  • classy. Like I prefer kind of dressed up to baggy shirts and like basektball shorts. My favorite outfit on a guy is like, dark slim jeans with some type of button down shirt (colors/stripes are good). And not sneakers...

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  • Get rid of the carpenter jeans, and buy a normal pair of jeans. I don't know what kind of style you have but really can never go wrong with cowboy boots, jeans, or a t shirt.

  • Dress shirts, black pants, suits, anything worth good money

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