Would you forget a girl you used to check for over an year?

There was this guy who used to check me out during Uni..He used to look at me always and stare and smile if I looked at him..This went on for about two years..We spoke several words very casually on a some assignment...He continued staring at me after that also...How ever I changed courses and thereafter lost sight of him..After three years I saw him on FB and added him...He says he cannot remember me..Os he lying or has he truly forgotten > he used to stare at me in Uni whenever he sees me almost for two years...what do you guys and girls think ?


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  • It is possible that he flirted with another girls in that same way or you are attractive and he liked to look at you. Three years is a long time and it is possible that he can't remember you & if he maybe didn't have feelings for you. OR he liked you then moved on and right now he have lost an interest about you and maybe he don't want to keep contact with you.