I have highlights, want to go blond, advice? more highlights or full dye?

my natural hair is light brown/dirty blond mix. I got a full head of blond highlights and my hair is blond looking now but I want it to be blonder.

my highlights are overall a mix of golden medium blond and golden dirty blond color so my hair has a blond look, just not super light and it's more of a subtle look.

a lot of girls with highlights tell me that when you have highlighted a few times the hair gets a lot lighter.

so should I just tell my colorist to add more highlights and add some lighter ones into the mix? or should I just get full color?


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  • bleaching all of it is easier to manage on your own, the touch ups will be so much easier. if you bleach all of it then the highlights will be a lot blonder as well so you are prepared for that :)


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  • I would definitely go more highlights. Your hair dresser can add honey tones as well as icy blond strands for greater dimension. Plus, highlighting will look more natural than just bleaching your whole head.

  • Get more highlights. If you dye it all at once, you're hair is going to be so beyond dead and depending on how light you go, you could have a lot of your hair fall out. At least that's what one of my hairdressers told me once upon a time.

    It's a longer process obviously and you need to have patience, but it's a lot better than dying it all at once.

  • Just add more highlights and also ask for them to be lighter. Highlights are better than dye because you don't notice the color growing out as much.