Hair- orexic? What? Am I crazy?

So, my hair is pretty long it hits like the bottom of my rib cage. but when I look in the mirror it looks so much shorter than how I feel it is and when I go to get it cut I freak about taking to much off! like does anyone else have this problem?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Long is beautiful. I agree with you, don't have them cut off too much, just keep it even.

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What Guys Said 4

  • I like long hair

  • I like hair just below the shoulders. But I don't like taking my hair shorter than a certain length either.

  • Like ERMAGERD totally!


What Girls Said 3

  • Me too!

  • Yepp I have the same issues, except I cut my own hair, it's cheaper

  • I'm the same way except I don't think I would freak out if my hair were cut shorter.

    My hair is around mid back and everyone tells me how beautiful and shiny and long it is, but I don't see it. To me it looks dull and short and pretty much ugly.