When He Says I am Cute

If a guy tells me I am cute, or what I am doing, thinking, or believe is "cute", does that mean he likes me?


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  • Well it all depends. But I'm saying that it doesn't mean he likes you. It means he thinks your cute. But it also depends the way he says it. Or the way he looks at you when he says it. If your friends and only friends then he may just be saying in it in a friendly way. But if you guys are friends with benefits then he could be just flirting or he could be telling you that he likes you. Do you ask him if he thinks that your cute or does he just say it out of no where? Because then that should be signs that he likes you or he is just flirting. Good luck. Hope that I could help.


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  • That can be hard to tell. Watching his actions instead of his words because you can find a lot more about if he likes you or what.


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  • It could mean that. I mean, just because a guy gives you a compliment doesn't mean he likes you like to be with you. He could just be nice but if a guy keeps on giving compliments, looks at you certain ways, he probably does like you. Its a feeling you'll get that will tell you that he likes you. Usually, that feeling is always right. So, if its strong for you, then he may like you. Now all you have to do is flirt back and show you like him back. If he shows he likes it then ask you out, well, you got your definite answer.