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Ladies...Is there something fundamentally boring as hell about a guy who tries to get to know you better by trying to initiate an in depth conversation about things that interest you?


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  • God no. If a guy can carry a decent conversation with me about somehting real then I am more than impressed. I'd rather have that than be complimented non stop and all the flirting. There is an art to creating the right balance of smart, funny and flirtatiousness in conversation. Most guys focus on the flirting or making jokes that are just not funny.


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  • Not at all. I'm going to be 30; I'm sick of boys who think a car with a loud fast engine makes them datable. I want a MAN who is smart enough to be an adult, and care about what I need.

  • If I just met you? Then yes.

    If we have been talking awhile? no, it'd be interesting.

    • Why would it be boring if we just met? What is the difference? What else should we talk about?

    • Idk I find 'deep' conversations in the first meeting stilted and hackneyed. But if I have been talking to a guy for awhile then a deep conversation would carry more meaning, like I am seeing a side to him I didn't know about. On a first date I would keep it casual, a fun conversation carries more weight too me at first.

  • Not at all

  • Hi, Alaska Mike,

    Sort of depends.

    Best to start of with a little bit of pointless banter.

    Some girls are super dense though and never are able to have longer conversations. I have a relative who never has real's just more like comments.

    So Mike, are in depth conversations boring to you?

    • Yeah that's quite a double standard lol (in a sea of double standards in what is known as the dating world). Because if the guy isn't capable of long conversations then he is Fu*&%d! And no, in depth conversations are not boring to me.

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  • Yep. If there's one thing dem bitches don't like it's things that interest them.

    • I sincerely hope that was sarcasm...

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    • Well, now you're talking about internet business. Completely different factor. See everyone online is going to use their profile information to try to score a conversation, so they're jus damn sick of hearing about it. IRL if you're talking to a chick you've obviously already met her, and caught her attention, so going for her interests is a good way to continue a good mutually active conversation. Online, there are literally millions of people with the same potential of catching her attention.

    • So you've got to keep it original. Kinda like them sim date games. Yes I've played them, I am a pathetic f***, that's besides the point. Once you've got your foot in the door (IE caught her interest by some scathingly witty remark) then you can ask about her interests as they are listed, and you'll probably get some legit conversation.