Do guys ever look back on a girl they knew three years ago and wonder about her?

like there was something between them but things didn't go anywhere, do guys ever have free time on their hands that they just wonder about a particular girl? cause I know I do, I do look back and think about a particular guy I had serious feelings for. even though it didn't work out and he didn't give me a chance I still hope he is okay and finds his happiness in life. sometimes I lay in bed at night and wonder what he's doing right that second. I guess you never stop loving someone.


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  • Boys do it a lot... I mean a lot... You have that one you wish had worked. And you have those you wish you had went further with... The worst part is when your doing something and you remember what they liked or you see something they would get a kick out of...


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  • I sorta do the same thing...except I just wonder where I went wrong and hoping that the girl is happy because that's all I really wanted all along ...

  • I look back on a girl I knew 25 years ago and wondered what happened lol

    • lol! omg you should find her on Facebook

    • I thought about looking for her, but I know so little about her, just a first name, not even sure how to spell it anyway.

  • wonder what I would be doing at this moment right now with many of my ex's. It goes real quick when I remember my role in why the relationship did not work and have even appologized to them after a few years because of the thought I had of her... We all do.. Its romancing the Idea of the friendship!


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