Michael Jordan banned from a golf course!

...for wearing cargo shorts! What do you think about dress codes? I was not let into a club about a month ago for wearing a hat, and it left a bad taste in my mouth. But when I talked about it with others, they admitted they could understand the reason behind the dress code. What's your take?


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  • he knew the rules, they even asked him to change and he refused...I kind of admire them for making even the great MJ follow the dress code. Makes me feel like maybe there is justice left in this world ;P they're all rich he could have bought a pair or sent someone to get him a pair in the golf shop real quick. I think he just thought he could get away with it and he was exempt from such pesky rules and when they asked him to change he thought he'd be the one they let slide, guess not! I heard he even finished the 18 rounds.

    as for what I think about dress codes...I mean, if I'm a golfer at a swanky golf course then I've probably got the cash to follow the dress code so I'm gonna. It's not like they're making poor people wear 200 dollar madris shorts in wal mart. it's a private club and they have rules and that's one of them they even gave him a chance and he declined so...


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  • It's a private business- they get to make the rules. If you don't like them, you don't have to patronize them.

  • Sometimes a dress code makes sense. You don't want people dressed in swimsuits fresh from the beach walking into an upscale restaurant or anything like that. Things that are fancy are meant to be nice for the patrons at those places. I understand that. I also understand, "no shirt, no shoes, no service," in regular places. You don't want people feeling uncomfortable because your place is full of half naked men with pot bellies. It's all about the customers and their satisfaction.

    However, I don't think people should be punished severely for wearing things out of dress code. They should simply be shown out.

  • WTF, Michael Jordan could be in Hanes boxer for crying out loud and I would still let him golf on my golf course, ha. He is just awesome. Anyways, yeah...clubs/bars seem to have strict dress codes these days and this is especially true for the guys. Places don't seem to care what (or what not) the ladies are wearing. I guess I can see the reasoning behind dress codes. Keeps things from not looking a certain way/helps keep the look the place may want or be going for.

  • i heard about this, made me LOL

  • gotta keep it classy.

  • private business has the right to do that and a private golf club (private organiztion) has even more right to do so. he knew the rules he could have followed them.

    id like it if more places had better dress codes and enforced them. people should stop dressing like bums/thugs unless they want to be considered bums/thugs

  • I understand the reason and he knew better than to wear that. Co.e on he has been famous for a long time and he knows what is proper golf attire for certain clubs.

  • If its against the dress code, they have no obligation to let anyone in. You could have just taken your hat off and come back.


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  • They actually banned him because his tongue is always hangin out his mouth, which make him look like a tard.

  • Dress codes are retarded. I mean it's part of freedom of speech. The only time I find it acceptable is in one of those fancy resteraunts or at private schools. But even then they tend to over do it with their dress codes. Makes me miss living in Hawaii, buissnes men going to work in Hawaiian shirts instead of suits lol that was awsome to watch. Oh and cops toking up in their squad car, that was funny as hell.

  • We live in easy times. I remember when you could be denied entry into fancy restaurants, clubs, lounges, even denied boarding on the first class cabins of airplanes if you didn't dress up the right way. Was kinda nice too.

  • Shorts are for toddlers anyway.

    What is it with grown men that they think they look 'gangsta' in shorts, a hoody, a cap and sneakers with white socks? You look like you are one step away from holding your mommies hand with one hand and an oversized lollipop with the other.

    As for dress codes, they may seem excessive sometimes, but rules have to be followed to keep order. Otherwise: peopleofwallmart.com

  • Next weeks headline, "Michael Jordan purchases golf course." MJ doesn't need this BS. I'm still surprised he doesn't he buy his own, he could afford like 10 :)