Michael Jordan banned from a golf course!

...for wearing cargo shorts! What do you think about dress codes? I was not let into a club about a month ago for wearing a hat, and it left a bad taste in my mouth. But when I talked about it with others, they admitted they could understand the reason behind the dress code. What's your take?


Most Helpful Girl

  • he knew the rules, they even asked him to change and he refused...I kind of admire them for making even the great MJ follow the dress code. Makes me feel like maybe there is justice left in this world ;P they're all rich he could have bought a pair or sent someone to get him a pair in the golf shop real quick. I think he just thought he could get away with it and he was exempt from such pesky rules and when they asked him to change he thought he'd be the one they let slide, guess not! I heard he even finished the 18 rounds.

    as for what I think about dress codes...I mean, if I'm a golfer at a swanky golf course then I've probably got the cash to follow the dress code so I'm gonna. It's not like they're making poor people wear 200 dollar madris shorts in wal mart. it's a private club and they have rules and that's one of them they even gave him a chance and he declined so...