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Well a guy from my class and I had kinnda something last year and once he tried to kiss me but I walked away. But I had a reason for that, first he was with that girl then, second it happend in the our classroom in totaly darkenss and everyone was there and teacher was about to come and the biggest reason was, I wasn't sure if it is real. It's been almost a year from then and I catch him looking and me when he is kissing her or he moves from her when I walk into the room, and he is looking at me all the time. So how to figure out what is on his mind, does he stil want me? Just don't tell me to ask him.


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  • I think you should tell his girlfriend that he's making moves on you. At the very least, if he tries again. He seems like a cheating jerk who just cares about the physical aspect of relationships.

    • I have never talked to his girlfriend and even if I do tell her that she will never belive me, but I really like him I don't know why but I do... they broke up like 2 days ago and today they came back together.

    • Whether she believes you or not is not the problem. You should tell her anyway. If she gets spiteful because of it, just calmly tell her that whether she believes you or not is her problem, you just felt like she should know. And continue on with how you've always been. You should also continue to reject his advances.


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  • hard to say we can't read minds.

  • No, he just thinks you're good looking. He probably wants you but not for any real reason!


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