Why do I have to grow a beard for girls my own age to be interested?

I'm in my late 20's with a boyish look and also stay fit to compliment it. I prefer the clean cut strait edge look but the level of respect from women my age drops because it sheds a few years I mean to point to where its a bit frustrating, Imagine being treated as if your not mature enough by someone who graduated the same year as you. It changes if they find out but that's if they don't brush me off to begin with


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  • Hey, in 10 years you'll be thanking your lucky stars you still look young while everyone around you looks all old! I know it's frustrating now, but just think of how great it will be later on. Hehe:D

    Anyway, yeah, it does suck you don't have that automatic level of respect you should receive from your peers. But after the initial contact, I'm sure your with will win them over and convince them you're older and wiser than they thought. If they can't get over the fact that you look younger, then are they even worth your time? Really?

    You don't HAVE to grow out your beard. Sure, people make you want to... But do what makes you happiest.

    • Ha, yeah its here now and I've noticed the differance. On the flip side of things keeping shaved attracts the younger girls by almost 10 years, I'm 27 and I always have to break it to em


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  • well it would be hard for me to date a guy who looked like a teen. impossible? no but not a preference

    • I don't look like a teen at all people think early 20's I'm 5'10 and even muscular but I look young in the face and the beard changes everything. I have the collage student look that teen girls are into

    • aw I get it. girls love u, women dnt take you seriously lol f***ed up. maybe you can dress older?

  • I like the boyish look, and a guy being clean cut is better , just seems more attractive :)

    If you like being clean cut then stay that way, you want a girl that likes you for YOU. Don't try to change for others when you're happy with how you look.

  • take horomones


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