Gaze Into My Eyes, Is He Just Being Polite?

There's this guy, every time I talked to him, 90% of the time, either I look at him or not, he will gaze deep into my eyes while talking to me. He only dart of his eyes to his right on and off when he's trying to think on what to say next, other than that, straight into my eyes, never budge. I read that if a guy likes you he will gaze into your eyes during conversation. What are the chances that he's interested and not just being polite? Of course, he smiles a lot too if we talk about something casual, and yes I caught him staring at me (while he walk passed by me) waiting for me to look over just so he could say hi with a smile when I looked back.


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  • Yes, I also think that the intense look deep in somebody' s eyes is a proof of interest. Specially, when it is combined with smile and change in the tone of voice! I think you already know the answer! He is attracted to you...! Now, you should show him that you are attracted to him too.

    • wow, now that you mentioned it, I noticed that he normally speaks to others with really high voice, loud and clear, but when he saw me and said hi, it was more like soft and high pitched (instead of his normal deep tone voice)... and yes during conversation, the volume of his voice is way lower than he normally used with other people. But I thought that was because he was using English with me (his native language is kind of thick tongue)

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  • I always do that when I like a girl, be it as a friend or in a more romantic ways. When talking, I always look into her eyes. So we can be pretty sure he likes you, now you only need to figure out in what way. The smiling, staring indicates he may like you more than a friend.

    • Thank you for your insight. But how can I know he likes me more than a friend, we don't have each other phone number, he's not keen to reply email, and he didn't even accept my invitation to chat on gmail yet (I doubt he will ever do). So I am really confused over this contradicting facts :( But last week, he offered me a ride and make a detour just so he could send me to my destination (small detour I must say)

    • You should interact more with him, try to initiate a conversation when you meet him. You should be able to notice some signs he likes you, and if you don't you should just ask him out and see what he says. You can't have this go on forever, so make progress and ask him.

  • i think he's probably attracted to you...honestly for me I'm not sure if I do the same deep gazing when I'm talking to a girl I'm attracted to (maybe I do without noticing it) but I do try to maintain eye contact until the girl breaks it.

    does he do this with any other people, if you have noticed?

    • no he didn't he normally don't really talk long time with others... especially girls, never saw him interested to keep long conversation with them...

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    • lots of your arm, your back, hands

    • He always touch my finger every time I passed him my USB, no matter how I try to avoid it

  • To be honest he does like you and this is just one sign to show that he is interested. Also, its the polite sign and not the disrespectful type. Some of us do this because if interested you will look into a woman's eyes instead of looking other places. Plus you are having a conversation with each so its the right thing to do is pay attention to and not the surroundings. Especially when he is interested in you.

    • yes but sometimes I feel slightly awkward especially when the topic is serious, and I want to memorize or to remember as much as I can, so I ended up focusing on paper and stuff, but he on the other hand, still maintain eye contact, even though I'm not really looking much, he sometimes maintained eye contact even waiting for me to response...

  • If the topics are not serious and he still has the intense eye contact, It shows he is attracted to you. Did you notice his pupils, are they dilated?

    • i think they are slightly dilated, not much, but bigger than usual... yes he still keep eye contact 90% of the time even the topic is not serious topic, he even laugh it off when I teased him being a workaholic :)

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  • Ok, so now we know he's kind of untreated so, now what?, if he's shy are I gonna make itself approachable?.

    • I don't really get it...?