All those signs, am I over analyzing?

It's like he's the outgoing sporty funny dude everyone loves, I once caught him looking at me first and looked away immediately, sometimes I looked at him first and he sometimes stares back. I'm not sure, he goes different and shy around me, and couldn't concentrate when I'm doing a sharing in class. One time Iphes looking into me so deeply in my eyes and asked what are we doing but looked away before I could respond. Argh... Then one time I touched his hand sightless to give him sth but it seems he didn't react to it or what. He also caked my name when we're playing pictionary, does he like me? Am I over thinking?


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  • He could like you, but look for more signs. Looking at you, making deep eye contact, and being shyer around you than other girls is a good sign. Just keep looking for more signs, but it seems like he could like you.

    • He likes me right? What other signs should I look for?

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    • I can't tell cos I'm not like always looking at him, any other suggestions?

    • Did you get my link for the other signs I wrote? I posted it as different answer.


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  • Could be. Try to start more conversations with him. Or flirt with him so he knows your interested.


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  • Okay never mind it's too long. I posted a bunch of signs on another advice website so here's the link: answerology.seventeen. com/index.aspx/qu estion/2112996_How-to-know-if-he-likes-me.html

    take out the spaces in it