Is he shy or just plain uninterested?

Well, there is this random guy that I keep bumping into quite often (I'm not going to explain the circumstances), and I am not quite sure whether he is interested or not. He has a cute face and is really sweet, and I have a little crush on him! I thought he looked cute, and so I began to give him eye contact with him. When I caught him looking back, we just had that eye-electrifying moment - and smiled at each other. From there, it just built up with some small talk and such.

Here are a few things I've noticed;

-Sometimes he makes eye contact and stares at me briefly before he smiles.

-Once I said something cute and he just smiled.

-Started hugging me whenever he sees me.

-Apparently stole a look in my direction when I was not looking.

-Gets extremely animated around me sometimes.

-Always asks how I am or engages in some small talk.

-Sounds a little more soft when speaking to me.

-One time I bumped into him in a bar and we sort of talked for quite a while. I don't quite remember what exactly went down, but he did say that I looked good a few times.

-One time looked back (according to my friend) after parting ways

I'm not sure whether I am just too flustered to connect the dots. And as dumb as this whole inquiry is, I've just recovered from a terrible, terrible relationship so I'm quite fresh to all this me-to-cute-male interaction. I'm not looking for a relationship either, juuuust a guy to have some clean (or dirty - or both) fun with. Answers would be mucho appreciated!


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  • Some things you mentioned are very good indicators that he's interested:

    -Started hugging me whenever he sees me.

    -Sounds a little more soft when speaking to me.

    Does he do this with others openly? If so, you may want to focus on what kinds of chats he's having with you compared with others.

    • Hm. Well I wouldn't know about the soft speaking to other females, but he definitely does NOT speak to my female friend that way. He hugs us both though


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  • He likes you. There you go.

    • Should I tell him he is cute? Just incase he actually likes me, but is too shy to say so. I think the move is pretty bold, so that's all I'm gonna do from here on out till' he makes the next move (if he does, that is)!

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  • Could it be more obvious...

    • I'm absolutely oblivious when it comes to my own thing - haha