Victoria Secret fashion show, anyone?

I know that it's on tonight, so depending

on your time zone, who's gonna watch it?

Or who did watch it?

It just came on a little a bit ago here

and there's no way in the world I was

going to watch that! Surprisingly

enough, I don't like watching women

parade around and bounce in there

underwear lol. What about you?


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  • I wouldn't go out of my way to watch it. But my older sis is watching it and I'm watching it with her. It is woman parading around in lingerie or whatever, but its also fashion and good music. Their outfits are creative and someone are actually really cool and all of them aren't completely naked.


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  • I find your opinion annoying (especially because you're a woman saying that you don't like watching women parade around in their underwear) of course a woman is not going to like that, unless she's gay or bi sexual. Leave your opinion to yourself please.

    ...and yes, I recorded it (I'm a guy)

  • I texted my girlfriend this.

    Me: Hey are you going on yet?

    Her: What?

    Me: The Victoria Secret show I've been watching and waiting for an hour just to see you on!

    Her: hahaha good one babe

  • I stare at their butts and titties the whole time ;) lol Jk. I don't watch it


What Girls Said 3

  • I wanted to keep my self-esteem intact, so I stayed away.

  • I watched it, me and my mom do so every year but last night I was solo. We usually watch it to see who looks great, still looks malnourished and to see the million dollar bras. Also for the entertainment. It wasn't as good this year.

  • It is the failure of the fashion world, the underwear is so tacky the models look like life size barbies and when they but high fashion models on their runway it is so cringe worthy. I have nothing against lingerie shows but I HATE VS with a passion.

    • Wow! here I thought I was the only one that loathed Victoria Secret, glad to know I'm not : )