Why do they turn on us?

Ever dated a not so hot girl or hot guy, but in your eyes they were perfect ?

Than as time goes, they begin changing they way they dress, look, hair , style , etc, and begin to be appealing to others, and look "hot".

Than they forget about you and want attention from other girls / guys, and you are left heartbroken..cause YOU WERE THERE FIRST


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  • Not so hot guys are still guys at the end of the day

    Think of the typical hot guy.he's got options and he knows it.so he'll often date and F*** lots of girls because he can. That's what all guys want to do, but only a few can actually pull it off

    Then take the guy you're talking about for instance. He isn't hot, but he started dating a girl who was out of his league.he finally got the hot girl he wanted! Now you may be thinking he should feel appreciative and cherish you, but that's not how guys work. Instead, he's thinking "ok if I got this hot girl,I bet I can get another.get 1, you can get em all". Hot women boost a man's image and confidence.so now he feels like he has more options then before, has probably been introduced to a lot more women via his relationship with you and he wants to keep that up.

    That's why he did what he did.

    He did what he wanted to all along.the truth is not so hot people aren't anymore kind and noble than hot people are, you just have to rely on personality more when you aren't hot but that doesn't mean when it comes down to it you'll treat people better


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  • You took him for granted? You didn't appreciate him? You expected him to treat you better then you treated him because he was "not so hot" in your eyes... I see those words, and have to guess you under valued him and then when you found out he had options, you said oh sh*t... =|

    • eh no.. excuse me you have no idea.. I loved him in everyway possible... After he got attention from girls he said oh ill dump her cause others want me.. He didn't appriciate me..

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    • It's always funny how women think about things... The anon girl below " he should feel appreciative and cherish you"... and you inferring he's even that hot, like OMG he should feel lucky I even gave him a chance. An others saying you need to make a man work for you and all that...Men aren't slaves. If you don't treat them well and make them happy they will become discontent and leave. They will find another women that treats them fair. There is a ballance between being overly eager/desperate..

    • and being lazy/selfish in a relationship. There has to be a good balance were both partners give and both are happy. If one is not happy, then they are going to get out of the relationship and look for something better.

  • How can clothes make someone hot, confident yes but their face and body structure doesn't change with clothes.

    What you are describing is dating someone at a time of weakness which is said to be a not so wise choice, this is why its wise to not take the following seriously although it is only generally speaking:


    Women who don't wear makeup.

    Girls you sleep with on the 1st night.


    Guys who have bad dress sense.

    I don't think this needs further elaborating?

  • Sure. You didn't know what you had. Too bad.

  • I'm sure he did like you and all that but I guess he just wanted something hotter. You can't tell me you wouldn't have done the same, right?

  • thats pretty shallow.


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  • you were never really theirs to begin with maybe?