Can you recommend some cosmetics?

I need something for my face, for oily skin and closing the pores and I could also use something for acne :P


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  • Okay for the past 4 years I dealt with acne. I started in 6 or 7th grade it was something hormonal I think. Mu acne has cleared up and now I just have some acne scars. Here are some recommendations that actually work:

    1. Drink lots of water each day at least 8 cups

    2. Clear your face in the morning with a acne cleanser- salicylic acid

    3. Use a moisturizer for oily skin- go for oil-free

    4. Wear Sunscreen! ( important everyday)

    5. change your diet! no sugars because it spikes up your insulin causing you to break out

    6. Try soy-milk or dairyfree milk because regular milk has hormones... No dairy

    7. Ask your doctor to prescribe you Retin A for your skin- this is like the miracle cream! Just to let you know the first weeks your face breaks out but don't give up because it is so worth it.

    8. eat veggies or buy a juicer if you don't like to eat veggies then juice them

    9. the clarisonic acne cleansing machine is good with the salicylic acid cleanser

    10. Don't touch your face with your hands

    11. Change your pillow sheets each week because they have germs

    12. no junkfood- what ever you eat your face projects or shows

    13. don't squeeze your pimples!

    14 try homemade masks such as cinammon and honey; oatmeal masks (these are really good for acne) and try steams ( boil water and once its boiling put the pot on a table and sit on a chair and put a towel over your face for 20-30 min)

    15. DOnt put on anything that clogs pores such as makeup or other stuff. Aim for non-comengendic

    16. try chaste tree- I know its for women but this is good to regulate hormones and it clears up the face

    Hope this helps any questions feel free to message me

    • wow youve done your homework lol thanks for the help ^^

    • haha np (: I've been through this but all of this has help and I would be glad to help someone get better because I know how it feels to have acne

    • mine isn't severe they just appear out of nowhere when I have a date lol

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  • Neutragena makes a great line of products that you can use. If you have acne, you can check their line for acne. Use a good cleanser. For your pores, after you cleanse your face really well and rinse. Splash some cold water on your face to close your pores.

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  • Just like most of the comments use a cleanser in gel form that has salicylic acid/beta hydroxy acid (both terms are synonymous).. it deeply cleanses your pores and it exfoliates too which will give your skin a finer look. I'm using loreal pure zone now and it's the best I've tried. I rarely get red zits but when I have it, after using salicylic cleanser I followed it with safeguard soap cause of its triclosan content. it will help the red zits heal faster.. the redder your zits are and the longer it stays the darker the spots it leaves so that part is crucial. if it already heals stop using safeguard in your face immediately. When washing your face be gentle and splash some cool water after.

  • Clearasil or Clean and Clear

  • Check out khiels and jack black cosmetics, they are both less chemical and harmfull overtime. And I believe both have reputations for great skin.

    Khiels has a mens line, and all of their stuff is rather gender neautral, and Jack Black is a men company so they also can probably be more sutible for your life style (less complex) and skin (hormones maybe?).

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  • For one thing, eating too much dairy products, or even just eating any dairy products, can cause really bad skin problems such as acne. Different people have different levels of tolerance to dairy, a food source which isn't actually supposed to be consumed by adults (in the most natural world, baby mammals drink their mothers milk but when they become an adult they stop because they don't need it anymore). I myself actually have a full allergy to it. It was practically non-existent when I was a kid but grew more and more intense as I became a teen and grew older.

    Anyway, I also take two Clear Complexion tablets a day - one in the morning and one at night. on the little jar it says "A traditional herbal remedy for minor skin disorders and acne". I get it from health food stores (Holland & Barrett here in the UK). It contains burdock root, blue flag and sarsaparilla. Apparently it works by helping to clear out the bladder, helping to flush toxins out kinda' thing. It's perfectly safe, very natural and for me at least works very well. The ones I take come in a jar which is in a small orange and yellow cardboard box. Maybe you can't find this exact product where you're from but you should be able to find something similar.

  • I'd think someone who loves sheldon would have the resources to never have to ask a question.

    Clearasil was good back in the day.