How do you know if a girl keeps looking at you because she is interested?

I was sitting opposite this girl in the library today at my university and she kept looking at me and when I looked at her she just kept looking back down at her work. I'm not sure whether she was interesed or just looking around.

How can a guy tell if a girl is looking at him because she is interested/finds him attractive or if she is just looking around? How can I tell if a girls breaks the eye contact with me when I look at her because she is shy or she just looks away because she doesn't want me to get the wrong idea?


What Girls Said 1

  • It depends on how many times she looked at you. I am shy so sometimes I look at a guy and if he catches me looking at him I'l look away but not because I'm not interested.

    • she kept looking at me constantly the whole time. sometimes she would look down when I looked at her and then she would look up againn and then down again and then up again etc

    • Depends on how and how much she looked at you. If she made eye contact versus a brief glance, that's a good sign. If she makes eye contact again, she's almost definitely trying to get your attention. One glance can be accidental, two can be repetitive. Past three's no mistake or accident.

    • If she was looking at you constantly then I would say that she was interested in you and thought that you were cute.

What Guys Said 1

  • Shes interested.

    Fact 1: Library. The main focus is to study and yet she couldn't keep her eyes off you.

    Fact 2: We don't look at something we don't like.