What could my situation with this girl of been about?

I met this girl and that was that,never noticed her much untill I saw she was starting to flirt,One thing I noticed she was outgoing around everyone else But she was pretty shy around me for no reason. We would have small convos but she could hardly look.

It went on for too long I found out she was single and one day I pulled her aside,she was completely nervous before even knowing what I was going to be saying,couldnt even look or face me. I asked for her number and she didn't want to give it to me and I said its OK and she ran off?


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  • Maybe she thought she was leading you on so she acted uninterested. Sometimes friendliness can be mistaken for flirtation...I think you picked up the wrong signals.


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  • She was caught off guard and had a mini freak out moment. How about easing yourself into her group of friends. Making it easier for the both of you to get to know each other from a safe distance. Take it a bit slower next time. Good luck!

  • This girl is not into you. If she was, she would have given you her number. She sounds like she has low self-worth or issues that you don't need to be distracted with in your life. Find a girl that is worthwhile.

  • maybe she thinks you're hot. I usually struggle to look at hot guys dead in the eye even though I want to look. I'm also shy around guys I find really attractive. I don't know why she ran away though..maybe she has a BF

  • Didn't you ask this question 5 times already?

    Or maybe this question is similar to others.

    If you are the person who asked 5 times, it's obsessive and that would explain why the girl ran away.

    If this is the first time that you asked the question it could be that she likes you.

    If this is the 5th time you have asked the question it's OCD.


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