Women what is the difference between hot, cute, and handsome?

So women what is the difference between them? What makes a guy hot vs cute? Does it go beyond the physical? Descriptions please...


Most Helpful Girl

  • Handsome is strictly physical.

    We see a good looking guy, and think, "he's handsome".

    Cute is personality and character. Anything but physical.

    When a guy is shy, or funny, or dorky, or just.. being cute, we think "he's cute"

    Well that is just my definition. But other times when we see an attractive guy, we say "he's cute", just because "handsome" is a stronger word, than "cute". And maybe the guy we're looking at isn't really THAT good looking.. so cute would be the safest way to describe him.

    Handsome is mostly used when we see guys all dressed up, and formal. And smelling good :)

    I guess what I'm trying to say is...

    "Cute" guys could also be called "Handsome" at some occasions.

    Are you confused yet? :)