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I don't know much about lip makeup?

I think it would be really sweet if they made lip products that tasted like food. I don't know if there are currently any out there but I just think... Show More

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  • I have a lipgloss that tastes like vanilla cupcakes. it actually tastes really good lol.

    • Men are most attracted to the smell of vanilla, so that's why I made this best answer

    • nice, I had no idea actually. I'll have to wear it more often ha ha ;] thanks!

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  • They do. I've never heard of maple syrup lipgloss but they have them in fruity and dessert or candy flavors. I've had strawberry, chocolate, caramel, cake, cotton candy, grape, etc. I used to love flavored lip makeup. Most of the ones they had didn't actually taste like it, only smelled. But I had one that tasted sugary too. I used to kiss my high school boyfriend all the time wearing it

  • There kinda are




  • Jessica Simpson had a "candy" line some time ago, it was all edible products...

  • They smell good but don't taste how they smell.like perfume ya know?

  • That'd be interesting! Some chapsticks/lip gloss smell like food but don't taste like it. I have this lip gloss from Bath & Body Works that I'm super in love with, because it makes my lips shiny AND it's minty and delicious.

  • I do think there's lip gloss out there that will taste like some food. That wouldn't surprise me. I've seen some pretty nice flavored lip glosses out there like candy flavored, bubblegum, cherry etc. And check this site link ... yep that's all the different lip gloss flavors you can get .. so it is possible :)

    • Nivea has a milk and honey lip gloss thing too. I remember seeing it before.

    • wow that's a really long list! thanks for that website :D interesting to read about all the flavors hehe

  • Well, I don't think we want it to taste like food because then a lot of would be guilty of eating it. it wouldn't be healthy at all because its not an edible product and the chemicals that are in it could harm us.

    When I was ten, I was had a special ordered chapstick that was brown in color, but clear on your lips. It was made to smell like chocolate cookies. I couldn't tell you how strong the scent was and how hard it was not to take a huge chunk out of it. Luckily I misplaced it because eventually I probably would have.

  • Yeah, it's usually not colored, but they make lots of them.

  • they have chapstick for that lol

    but I think girls will start eating their lipstick lol

  • Lol why? you can just go eat it.

    -love Sosa

    • -_-

  • there is such thing... I have cocoa flavour, vanilla, strawberry, coco nut, pineapple and I remeber once when I was one there was a popcorn flavour haha... we would put it on our lips in school and it would taste so nice!

  • Victoria secret and bath and body works makes lip gloss that tastes like candy or certain flavors. Like peppermint, bubblegum, watermelon, etc. I don't think that I have ever seen any chapstick or anything else that actually tastes like food. I know that there are some but they never seem to actually taste good, they usually just smell good.

  • I freaking love lip gloss XD I got a load of food flavored glosses my favorite one I own personally is Salted Caramel Cupcake gloss by Lipsmackers its small enough to fit right in my pocket or tuck in my bra d=

  • i had root beer once and skittles

  • That has already been created.

  • I remember I once had a lipgloss (cant remember where I bought is) that had a strawberry flavor :P it was pretty yummy, but after a while it tasted a bit too sweet for me

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