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Girls, what gives you more confidence, a good pair of high heels or a bra that you won't have to adjust?

Wearing my high heels makes me feel amazing, but I am much more confident knowing that my bra is giving me good support and I don't have to worry... Show More

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  • I suggest you go to a high end department or lingerie store and get fitted for a good bra. That will take the bra out of the equation. I love stiletto pumps and high heels generally so I vote for the heels.

What Guys Said 4

  • My ex was most confident when her heels matched her bra. *grin*

  • I like me a nice snug supportive bra

  • I think it would depend on the girl...I think girls with longer legs probably feel more confident wearing heels, and I think girls with bigger boobs feel more confident with a good fitting bra

What Girls Said 9

  • Heels

  • Bra.

  • Bra.

  • high heels cause I'm short, I don't want to look like a kid..

    • Being short can be very cute though.

    • aww thanks! ^-^

  • High heels because I know my ass and legs look amazing.

    Bra - Depending on what I'm wearing.

  • Heels .the bra would make my boobs look bigger and I feel its obvious they aren't all mine

  • Heels.

    I don't need much support since my boobs and small and most people notice my rare end anyway.

  • A bra.

  • Bras and shoes don't give me confidence.

    Give me a box of chocolate and I'm superwoman.

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