Has anyone told you look like someone else?

Who was it and are you flattered? What were the similarities and differences?


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  • I was once told I look like Winona Ryder because we both have "angel faces". I don´t think I look like her because I have long blond hair (though I was a brunette when I got told that) but we both have big eyes and full lips, so maybe that´s why. I was flattered because I think she is gorgeous.

    Then, another time, my best friend told me I reminded her of a Barbie doll. I wasn´t flattered with that one, I actually got a little mad.

    And only a couple of months ago someone told me I looked like ths girl because of the haircut:


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  • Yes, I've been told plenty of times that I look like the i-carly chick. Nah, I wasn't flattered nor offended.

  • A guy once rejected me because apparently I look exactly like his cousin, hahaha.

  • someone once told me I look like that blond chick on Icarly. you know, the tough one. I was flattered cause I like her characteristics ^_^

  • Everyone tells me I look like Nicole Kidman. I guess I have a similar complexion, but I don't really understand why so many people see such a strong resemblance.

  • Nope! I haven't been compared to anyone ha ha I don't think I resemble anyone :)

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  • yes, I've been told I look a lot like James Taylor, and I'm flattered. Same distinguisehd looking hairline.

  • Some girls told me that I look quite similar to Shahrukh khan :D

  • i've been getting Rob Gronkowski a lot lately. I don't really see it at all, but we must have some common feature. similar smile, eye shape, and eyebrows I suppose, but he has brown eyes and mine are blue. and I'm a big guy, but not 6'6 260 big. anyone I've asked to confirm is like "not at all", but those who see it are pretty convinced. the warehouse manager for the company I work for met for the first time and just goes "WHOA! MINI-GRONK!", haha. doesn't bother me, because I'm a Pats fan and dude crushes a$$ like you read about, hahaha.

    other than that, no one famous...BUT...I get a lot of "oh my god...you look JUST LIKE (some kid from their town, etc, etc). guess I gotta get famous now so people can say those guys look like me, haha.

  • I have. most of the time I don't even know who their talking about.

    I tell them "NO HE looks like ME!"

  • I get mistaken for every black coworker I have.

    People will literally come up to me and continue a conversation that they were having with someone else. Shit's weird.

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