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Who should I choose him or her ?

(I'm Bisexual) - Last night I met this really sweet guy at the Christmas party in the park. I was too shy to talk to him so I just kept walking. after a couple hours, I walked around trying to find him,His friends said that he went home. So my cousin told them to tell him I like him - which I really do. but am not sure if he'll like me back. Anyways- an Hour later I bumped into my buddy, I Haven't seen her in a long time- she looked so different and beautiful . while we were talking I was speechless - then we huged & said good bye an went our separate ways. I told my cousin that I like her - I don't know why but - I ran around the corner - Stopped her an said " I like girls, I think you're beautiful and I like you. she looked into my eyes an said " I like you too, as a girlfriend- you're the only girl I would ever like. - I was shocked because she's straight , well was. - Anyways. who should I choose ? - or should I keep em both ?

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  • keep them both agirl she ll be a friend and boy your lover so you need them both

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  • If You can keep them both with you beacuse girl frndz & boy frndz are equally important to us every one will have its own importantance as you are a girl it will be more good to keep a boyfrnd :)

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  • Pick up a coin. Assign one to heads and one to tails. Flip it.During the few seconds that that coin is in the air you'll know which side you hope it lands on.