Guys, why do you feel the urge to check out a girl even though she is surrounded by her family?

Yesterday I was grocery shopping with my mum. I was casually dressed wearing my hair up.. Anyway, every time I passed by a guy, He was looking at me right in the eyes.. After a few of them, my mum asked "What's their problem today ? Do they have to look at you this way?"

One day, a random dude told me in the street "Hey you look amazing, you're truly perfect", OK I admit this is nice if there wasn't my grandparents AND my mum in the audience... I felt awkward and embarassed. They must have pictured me with that guy I didn't even know..

I was in England last week and NO ONE was looking at me, It was good having a break !

So guys, can't you just look away when you see a "hot chick" with her family, especially a teen ?

Okai, everyone seems to believe that I'm COMPLAINING about it. Nope, I'm not, I like getting guys attention. I just don't love it when members of my family witness it.

Thanks everyone for your answer! :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • You're gonna have to just deal with it. it's going to keep happening. they have the freedom to look at you just as you have the freedom to walk away.