Guys, why do you feel the urge to check out a girl even though she is surrounded by her family?

Yesterday I was grocery shopping with my mum. I was casually dressed wearing my hair up.. Anyway, every time I passed by a guy, He was looking at me right in the eyes.. After a few of them, my mum asked "What's their problem today ? Do they have to look at you this way?"

One day, a random dude told me in the street "Hey you look amazing, you're truly perfect", OK I admit this is nice if there wasn't my grandparents AND my mum in the audience... I felt awkward and embarassed. They must have pictured me with that guy I didn't even know..

I was in England last week and NO ONE was looking at me, It was good having a break !

So guys, can't you just look away when you see a "hot chick" with her family, especially a teen ?

Okai, everyone seems to believe that I'm COMPLAINING about it. Nope, I'm not, I like getting guys attention. I just don't love it when members of my family witness it.

Thanks everyone for your answer! :)


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  • You're gonna have to just deal with it. it's going to keep happening. they have the freedom to look at you just as you have the freedom to walk away.

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  • I don't see anything wrong with it.

    Your mother is not complaining because its inappropriate.

    Your mother is complaining because it hurts when men of all ages find your daughter more attractive than you. That's why she's upset.

    • I thought about it too !

    • Seen it happen from both sides.

      It's brutal on the mothers. The daughters are often oblivious. See what's worse is not the young guys who blatantly check you out. It's the guys her age who don't do anything inappropriate, but she can tell they notice you more than her. They pay more attention to you, smile more at you, and she's invisible. They're not doing anything odd or even that they're aware of. But she's more sensitive to it then you. She'd notice it when you wouldn't.

  • that's like asking a banana to stop being fruity, it's not gonna happen. sure, logically we can look away, but we're not gonna consciously stop looking, we're not wired that way. we're gonna look no matter what and girls do the same thing, you guys are just a little more sneaky about it

  • It's a biological instinct for guys. Are we killing you by looking? Are you injured? If you're letting it bother you, you're sweating the littlest things in life. Relax.

    • She may not be injured, but she may feel uncomfortable.

    • I've never seen a guy uncomfortable when a girl is looking at a guy's chest, a** or junk. Man or woman, when an individual looks at a member of the opposite sex (or in some cases, the same sex), it's a complement. Take it as such.

  • Most men have no boundaries, when it comes to staring. It's almost instinctual to look at what we find attractive. I'm not saying it's excusable, I'm just saying it's how most of us are. On the other hand, some of these men might have been legit. And probably were worried they may never see you again. Some were merely taking a chance.

  • "Anyway, every time I passed by a guy, He was looking at me right in the eyes"

    They looked you in the EYES?! Those perverts!

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  • Seriously, if you weren't getting any attention at all, that's when I'd start to complain. It's really not as huge as a deal to be worried about. The fact that you even notice these guys looking at you tells me that you're too concerned about. If it bothers you so much, don't pay them any mind and go about your day. You're not obligated to say or do anything back

  • Okay, no offense..but stop complaining about this. Maybe you are naturally good looking, or maybe you just wore a crap ton of makeup. but there are much worse problems than this.

    On the other hand... Yes, I know it is embarassing. I have been at resturaunts and the waiter would just stare at me, and it would embarass me in front of my family. same with guys whistling at you when you're with you're mom. its embarassing!

    • I'm not complaining, I'm just wondering where the respect to girls & their family went !

      Like you said, it's embarassing & worrying knowing that there's nothing we can do about it !