ok, now I know you guys don't seem to notice the little things we girls do to ourselves, but I do know that you realize if we wear too much make up.

what do you think about this pic? is it too much, and especially during the day?



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  • I think it looks revolting - I'm sorry.

    But just way to much and far to fake.

    If you go out like this in daytime can imagine people getting the wrong idea that you were a drag queen or something.

    It's not pretty at all, it looks so artificial and thick.

    Whatever happened to less is more?

    Really, you should calm down on the foundation, eye shadow and definitely the lip gloss.

    It looks like your desperate and trying to hard to get attention.

    This all sounds very harsh.. But I may as well be honest!


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  • way to much lip gloss.. and probably other shit but I'm not a pro with makeup.

    my girlfriend never wears much of makeup, honestly I can't tell if she does or not. but she is absolutely gorgeous to me. I think its a balance where you can never wear to little, but you can ALWAYS wear to much. NEVER try to cover up major acne with makeup, it looks absolutely disgusting, I've seen way to many pretty girls that try to do this and it makes it look even worse, everyone (guys and girls) has had acne we know how you feel, wash your face and don't rub or itch it.

    a LITTLE eye liner is great if she has pretty eyes. I don't know, I think makeup is way too over rated.

  • personal opinion: any more make than to just even skin tone or anything that doesn't look natural = looking fake and/or high maintenance

    If you ever cake on the blue/black eye shadow and cherry red lip stick with that pancake-batter white foundation all over your face and it isn't October 31st then you just look ridiculous

  • I do fashion photography. All the make up that is used in magazine/print work is overly done and further enhanced in post-processing. Furthermore, the skin and the make up is perfected in Photoshop techniques that are so ridiculous. Yes, it looks great when you shoot on location or in the studio to sell fashion or beauty... I absolutely would not want to see a girl walking down the street like that...

  • as long as you don't look like a clown

    or are piling foundation on top of concealer on top of bronzer

    then ur good

    and there is a certain way to apply makeup

    like you can get rid of dark circles

    temporarily by using lipstick the same shade as ur skin and

    just dab it on the area

    b/c if you two get serious and she needs all that makeup

    imagine how she looks under it all

    i prefer all natural but with some

    eye shadow and lip liner

    i don't mind that

    but everyday is just too much

  • You're not a model, so don't try to look like one. The less make up the better

    • Im not too sure how to take that. . . lol

    • Lol, sorry. I wasn't saying your ugly or anything because you're not. Just meant that you're not about to pose for a magazine shoot. Be yourself...natural

    • OH hahaha.. nah wen I asked this question, I wasnt meaning that I was going to start to wear this on my eyes, I just see a lot of girls appliying this much to themself. . .so I was just seeing what you thought..

      ha! I don't evn know how to apply that much make-up on! lmao

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  • That is WAY too much for day or night. For night time, the eyes are perfect, but you'd want less foundation than that. Her skin looks cakey and it's obvious that's she's wearing make-up. Your foundation should blend into your skin and look flawless; it shouldn't highlight every pore.

    For daytime, you would need way less foundation and minimal eye make-up. Think mascara, a hint of eyeliner, MAYBE a touch of eyeshadow, and matte lipgloss.

  • It is too overdone for the day. It would be okay for night, but not during the day.

  • honestly, I'd go for less eye drama for the day..

    either play up your lips or eyes but not both...its too overwhelming for daytime

  • It's a lot of makeup and would be better suited for nighttime. But it looks good and as long as it's applied properly it's fine.

  • Instead of that dark brownish/green color you should go with a shiny tanish one. A eye shadow that is nuetral and goes with your skin tone. That's the key to making it look au natural and not too much :)

  • I think its a bit too much for daytime.