Looking into getting a Pomeranian

Hey Guys!

My hubbs and myself are looking into Pomeranians. Anyone out there have one?

Pros and cons?

Experiences with breeders?

Recommend any breeders?

PS: While I was growing up, my mom bred dogs, and I know how to spot a bad breeder, etc.

Also, I understand that there are plenty of dogs out there in shelters, and my husband and I have looked at many shelters for the past couple of months (not just at poms). But, we really haven't found the right dog for us. We want a good fit. And, this is just an avenue for us to explore (because we haven't yet).

Any helpful advice is welcomed!



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  • My late dog was a Pom, he was such an amazing dog. He was smart, eager, loving and verrrry loyal. He was even protective lol. He was always on my lap or at my side which is sadly what caused him to die :( (my sisters dog attacked him for coming in the room to sit by me) he was great in the car and did the cutest tricks lol I have to say the only cons were his bark was kinda high pitched, he couldn't defend himself to dogs bigger than a cat and if I didn't trim his butt hair he got poop stuck to it lol. Otherwise he was perfect :) their hair is so fun to play with too lol I always gave him the lion man cut in the summer :)

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      I just read all the other answers, I'm sure you already know this but all dogs have their stereotypical bad trait, with the right training any dog can be perfect. I trained mine not to bark unless someone unfamiliar came to the gate or he had to go outside :) positive reinforsmet and treats go a very long way with the small dogs :)