Curvy girls vs. fat girls vs. average girls vs. thin girls Do guys really care?

i have heard guys say "she is tooo skinny for me, I want a girl with some ass"

there is a song on the radio "all I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe" too

i read somewhere that ass implants are the new thing now. And women are trying so hard to make their ass look big and round with tight clothes. I saw butt pads at the beauty supply store, wtf?!? women are buying that sh*t now because they want a guy to think they are sexy like Kim Kardashian, or Beyonce

do guys really want their girlfriend to look like Kim Kardashian or Beyonce or (insert sexy celebrity of your choice)?

i am 5'3 and 125 lbs and the only people that call me skinny are people who are significantly larger than me. Recently I had a guy tell me that he has never been with a skinny girl before and the he was shocked that I showed interest in him. He told me that he had always been shy and that fat girls were the only girls that would talk to him. He said that he was so use to big girls that he would never even give a smaller girl a shot.

i have never heard a guy of his size call me skinny before. (he is pretty average, not fat at all but not muscular, although he said he use to be way heavier and had lost a whole bunch of weight)

do guys really believe that the size of a girl defines her? Her boobs, her butt? Do guys really care? Was that guy just so insecure?


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  • Lots of things here.

    1. Appearance (looks/body shape, etc.) are, of course, a bit part of attraction, especially initial attraction, for both sexes, though I'd agree that women are judged on appearance more than men. Still, it's almost never *exclusively* appearance.

    2. Different guys have different tastes, and the majority opinion is a very LOCAL thing. In your town, curvy girls with big booties might be "the thing", while in the next town over, they might like petite girls, or tall skinny girls, because they are a different demographic over there.

    3. The vast majority of guys would prefer that their girl isn't "fat", and many guys won't approach "fat" girls. But when I say "fat", that doesn't mean "she could stand to lose 10 pounds", that means "more than 50% over the max BMI for her height". So, if, say, BMI charts say that you should be 120 for your height, you'd need to be 180 to be "fat". That's not an exact science, of course, but it's a good guideline. Most guys aren't going to worry about an extra 10 or 20 pounds on a girl, and many girls are technically over BMI but carry that extra weight in the "right places" (boobs, butt, hips) rather than the "wrong places" (arms, thighs/calves, stomach) and they look healthy and good.

    At 5'3" and 125 pounds, you are not even close to "fat". True, you might not be "skinny", but you don't have to be skinny to be attractive, and in fact, most guys probably their girl in real life to be a bit softer and rounder than, say, the average model or Hollywood actress. In some cultures, they prefer MUCH larger women, but again, it's all local. Go to Brazil, and they love pear-shaped girls with big butts, especially if they are otherwise fairly thin, and they don't care if her breasts are tiny. In Mexico, big boobs, even fake ones, are in. In Hollywood, they want stick-thin women. In Oakland, they tend to prefer girls who are "thick" and curvy. And all that is just the majority opinion; there will always be guys who want something other than the local "standard".

    All that is about appearance, and while appearance IS important, even with guys, it's far from the only thing. Personality, attitude, and behavior are all very important aspects too, and many really physically attractive women get passed over for girls with better personalities, even if their looks aren't quite as high on the scale. Women tend to blame everything on appearance, when often the reason they are ignored or not approached is attitude/behavior/personality, and no make-up, hair style, wardrobe, purse, or shoes are going to fix that. Nor will losing 10 pounds.

  • Sure we do. I want womene who takes care of herself if she doesn't she's probably depressed or weirded out in some way.

    Bu, let's not get obsessive. Guys really don't care about a few inches here and there. Once we're over 16, we don't need girls who look like buffed celebrities who use their bodies to make a living.

  • Yes they care. Guys vary in where on the 'thin like a model' vs 'thin waist but big curves like a rap video model' line they like. Anywhere between those two is relatively appealing and probably some guys favourite.

    As you get older though, most girls aren't on that line. They're fat. Very few guys prefer fat.

    Being not-fat is probably the biggest factor in how hot a woman is considered.

    Guys who aren't good with women may expect to only get fat girls.

  • Curvy girls.

    No fats. Period.

  • size or shape or something like that does NOT define the girl, then again, me and all my friends would like a curvy girl better, doesn't mean we won't date the skinny ones, but f we it was possible to choose how does would your loved one would look, we'd choose curvy, in fact, I have no problem with skinny girls, but if they are REALLY skinny, like too much bone and too litle of something else, I confess is a turn off for me, IMO most people are average, or a little on the curvy or skinny side, but only a little, in all honesty I would rather a girl that s 15 pounds heavier than her ideal weight instead of a girl who is 8 pounds below her ideal, on the other hand EVERY girl I know from 12 to 50 years old, regardless of their body always want to be skinnier, and while many guys may say "no fatties for me", all guys I know have swallowed their own words when they find a sexy curvy girl even if she is a little (or more than just a little) in the chubby side, so I honestly think the idea of "skinny is better" is a misconception or something the media wants both boys and girls to believe, and they may be "conviced" of it, but our instincts and basically the way we are prewired tell us otherwise

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  • Is 5'3 and 125 skinny? I'm 5'4 and 120 and I feel huge. :/

    I don't know. I have a big butt and a significantly smaller waist and I don't think it looks that great. It's kind of expected that if you have a big butt that you have big boobs as well, but that isn't true in all cases.

    • weird your not girl I'm after is a bit taller then you but I'd think she's around 150-160lbs. but I don't think she's fat just has wide ass/hips skinny arms but thick thighs ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby baby!

    • u sounds great :)

  • I think he might have been insecure because only big women would hit him some guys it matters and to others it doesn't..just depends on the person

  • Well, I'm 5'5 and 116 lbs with a good figure, but guys like me for the wrong reasons. it shouldn't matter her weight or size, I use to be fat and no guy talked to me now they text me like crazy.

    he was most likely insecure but if you only weigh 125 your skinny.

  • Dont forget light skinned vs. Dark skined

    • lol I am what they might consider light skin but I'm not yellow, red bone I guess. My sister is a very beautiful dark skin. I like her skin color so much because its all one color lol but I think my skin you can see differnet shades, like the top of my arms is darker than the bottom. they tend to show a lot of the light skin models in magazines and on TV so many people don't really get a chance to appreciate the dark skin beauties. Kelly Rowland seems to be the darkest I have seen

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    • i'll take a dark skin queen any day

    • Nice to know :)

  • Every guy likes something different.for every girl doing squats, making appointments to get ass shots, there is a girl doing hours on the elliptical and starving trying to be Kate Moss. Every guy is going to have a different view of ideal beauty. Girls need to stop stressing themselves over guys opinions. Even 300lb women can get f***ed and married