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Guys...have you ever been called beautiful before? And if you have who was the person that called you it and how did it make you feel? I wrote on my boyfriends facebook "you're so handsome that you're beautiful :)" and I don't want him to take it in the wrong way...cuzz I really do think he is a beautiful man:)


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  • Nope :s I never get complimented on my looks, or am called handsome, or beautiful, cute, etc. It's always how smart I am. Closest I got was a hug, and that was because I saved the day lol. We had problems at the place I work at, and I fixed it. And a girl just said thanks and hugged me. Weird...

    Anyways. Men like to know that they are beautiful, or handsome is a better word :) Cute is also good. Men have high ego,and like to keep them high :D

    So no I don't think he'll take it in a bad way.

    • I just don't think the word handsome expresses the same thing that beautiful does lol...and I wanted to tell him how I really felt lol :). And I'm sure youve got complimented beforee!

    • I think cute is a nice word, but a lot of men are confused as to what it means lol. I just think beautiful is more of a feminine word.

      And yeah, my mom called me handsome, but that isn't the same as some girl I don't know calling me beautiful, or cute.


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  • No, never. I've been called 'gorgeous', but whatever works:)


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  • Yeh lol I've only ever called one guy beautiful before and my girl friend was like "what?!?! is he gay or something?" haha, I think it's the best compliment to give a guy but I'm not sure they see it that way for some reason lol.

  • I call guys that. Some are like "what?!" and others just take it.

    • Hehe...i just don't think handsome means as much as beautiful ya know...beautiful sounds more sincere and meaninful:) plus I love him so I was trying to think of a better word lol