What kind of qualities do you look for In a girl?

Please tell me guys what you find attractive in girls. What qualities do you look for, what are your fav types of girls based on looks and personality?


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  • The perfect girl would be a bit shorter than me, between 5' and 5'5". She has long hair with some waves, medium to light brown or blond, pretty eyes, a nice smile, not not huge t*ts, but somewhere in the middle, and a cute butt. Just thinking out loud.

    As far as personality goes, a girl who is into sh*t I like, has a sense of humor, and isn't super insecure. I find that recently, insecurities have become an increasingly big turn off for me as I've discovered more confidence in myself. I'm willing to look past some, because it's normal to be insecure, but a girl whose life is overcome by them would not be fun to be with.

    Oh she also loves dancing and kissing and making love. Maybe I'll meet her someday.


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  • For me I like a girl who's slightly shorter than me. She has long hair, has a nice natural smile, good body proportions (chest, waist, hip), nice long and slender legs. She's also the one who looks good even without makeup and dress nice.

    For personality, I think we should share common interest, she's easy going type, like you can tell her anything and funny, that can lighten you up even on a bad day. Lastly, I don't like girls who smoke, or those who get drunk every single night, these are turn offs for me.

  • a girl whos down to earth and says things as they are. who will come and talk to me if she wants to talk and will tell me what she wants. a girl who CAN cope on her own but doesn't WANT to and is about 5'10/11. I'm also not much into anything other than white girls, not racist but I can't help what I'm attracted tolol


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