To wear heels or to not wear heels?

So I'm going to a formal dance with this guy as friends (our familys have been friends for many years). My issue is that I'm around 5"8' and he is a little person and I don't want to be a d*** and wear heels with my dress. He's not insecure at all and the people I have asked have given me mixed anwsers, "just do it because you're allready taller anyway" or "no that's not cool." So I'll either do flats or do heels, but my heels arn't short, none on them are. There 5 inches, but there hot shoes and I can walk well in them. I want to wear them but won't if it's a d*** move, what do you think? Thanks! xoxo

I allready own the shoes, I would need to by flats lol


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  • Apparently he doesn't mind that you're taller than him. But adding 5 inches, I don't know, perhaps that would make it too much. Being that much taller could make you as a girl feel uncomfortable with him.

    I'd say that if he wants you, then he should also accept you for you, but people should also adjust to each other. Not change who they are, but adjust. Why not ask him what shoes to wear, that way you subtly can ask for his opinion about the heels/flat thing. What you could also do is also bring flats in your bag, so you can always switch if you feel the need to.

    I can't say if it's a real d*** move, because I haven't been in a situation like that. I lean towards that it's not a d*** move. Personally I always prefer heels because they look so much sexier and make the girl look much more sexy than flats. That may be the reason why I usually go for the more tiny or shorter girls as they are more likely to wear heels more often.


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  • You can wear whatever you want dear! If he accepts you for who you are already, you have absolutely nothing to worry about! Wear what you wish, because if he doesn't like it, you don't need to like him.

  • Buy the shoes... when you are at the dance you should take them off for pictures lol