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I feel like an idiot.. But I'm shy & freeze up around him!

Hey people, I just have a question. Theirs this guy who's flirted with me, danced with me, hugged me while rubing my back.. every time I see him he's... Show More

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  • I have experience with a real shy, she couldn't look at me, barely utter some words. When we just got to meet each other it was kind of okay, but I noticed she was shy. Soon she was acting really, really shy and I could barely hear her speak but luckily I have a lot of patience. But I liked her a lot, I could see she was nice and I wanted to talk to her more often, it just didn't turn out that way. When I would see her on the campus I would want to approach her, but every time she would see me from a distance she would walk away or if standing with friends turn her back to my direction. I don't think she was doing it intentionally but to me it seemed like she was trying to avoid me and ignoring me, which made me sad. But I started thinking about it and realized she is just so shy, that it's logical that she behaves the way she does. I still tried to get her attention but was just more cautious as I didn't want to scare her off, make her feel very uncomfortable, or just in case she was ignoring me after all.The rare times I did catch her and could talk a bit she didn't look at me, usually she would look down at the ground while walking and then once or twice during a conversation briefly (for a second or two) look up at me and I could see she was smiling.So her actions did make me a bit sad in the beginning and afraid that she hated me or something, but it must have just been her shyness that made it seem that way.

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  • don't worry I get very shy too. some people think it's cute but it's always nice to have confidence. the best advice I can give from my own experience is to just relax. take a deep breath. he is only a person you shouldn't make yourself nervous. never question your own identity, someone will either like you for who YOU are or not at all. just be yourself!

    • ditto what you said

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