I feel like an idiot.. But I'm shy & freeze up around him!

Hey people, I just have a question. Theirs this guy who's flirted with me, danced with me, hugged me while rubing my back.. every time I see him he's looking into my eyes.. I just want to know, I saw him today & I haven't seen him for 2 weeks & I've only known him for 3 weeks. I was walking down a hallway & I saw him.. I didn't dare to look him in the eyes tho :s I saw him looking at me & stopped & re joined his conversation (he was talking to 3 girls..) once I was walking behind him. I know my big mistake was not looking at him :( but my question is, to all the confident guys out there. Even if your confident, would you not try to talk to a girl (who you've done those things with) if she isn't looking at you (probably looking like she's ignoring you..) would you not want to get her attention? & also, how would her actions make you feel?