Was the guy looking at me this way to make me feel uncomfortable?

A guy in one of my lab classes saw me and kept glancing at me one day on and off when I wasn't looking. He was 3 meters away in sight of me. My body was facing him, but my head was turned to the side as I occupied with something. When I turned my head back a couple seconds later, I realized that the guy was standing in the same position facing me, leaning against a table with his arms crossed. But, this time he was staring at me with slightly raised eyebrows, fixed non-blinking eyes, and a tiny smirk, with a calm cool look on his face.

I don't think I am gorgeous or anything, so why was the guy looking at me?

Add. detail: The guy looked like a "popular guy", or like someone who might be a college quarterback.


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  • Was simply admiring the goods. Don't take offense, take it as a compliment and chill.

    You girls really need to calm down. I got knew for you. We're men and we have a penis. We going to look at you and have dirty thoughts or at the very least think to ourselves that you are attractive. It's natural. You do the same to us men and you don't see us complaining and getting offended. We take it as a compliment when a girl drools over us.

    Obviously there is a line to be crossed where things do become inappropriate, obviously the environment helps dictate this, but in most cases, when women are being offended by things such as this, there is no rise for concern. It's not like he was making sexual comments and grabbing your ass.

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      Sorry, I'm not that type of woman that does that same thing to men. You are wrong about that.

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      Let me rephrase: I (the girl) look at men appropriately. For example, regular people look at other people everyday of their lives--this is how I look--No sick thoughts, no "drooling", no "oh your so hot"-- get it! I am a quiet and serious person. You men, in opposite, look at women inappropriately. I shrug and shiver by the thoughts of you men.

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      Wll you are the minority. I know many women who have their fair share of dirty thoughts. Don't get me wrong, I'm not implying men or women are drooling at every person they walk by. It's occasional. But I think just about every adult human has at least a handful of times looked at an attractive person and either reflected upon that fact or went one step further in saying to themselves "I would love to have sex with that person". Not that we'll act on it, but we fantasize.