Why girls find Taylor Lautner hot?

he is quite overhyped...for his looks and physique...there are many guys of his age who have a better physique than him including me ...he looks quite ugly...

this is what is hot... link

not this sh*t link


this is hot too
some people think that the guys other than taylor lautner are photoshopped...just a reality check for them

the 1st link is hrithik roshan: link (just watch out his physique and stop making excuses)

the other beefed up guy is salman khan no.1 actor of bollywood (47 years old): link

do watch and let me know...i think so these video proofs must be enough to prove them


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  • He is gross.

    When I went with one of my friends to the second twilight movie (with the first one with him in it), I told her how unattractive and weird his face was. She disagreed.

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      u are correct he is weird