Idea's for a cute/kinda sexy look to catch a guys eye?

So I know this guy from college last year and ran into to him the other day at his work and we flirted some. Well ever since then I just can't stop thinking about him! So I have decided to go back by there and give him my number (which is something I normally don't do) so I want to wear something cute and kinda sexy but not look like I'm trying too hard. So my outfit in mind is one of those kinda long sheer button up shirts that are really popular right now, skinny jeans or leggings, and a cute pair of leather boots. So guys what kind of outfits/styles that catch your eye on a girl this time of year? Girls feel free to answer with some tips or outfits that you think would be cute!

Also I have really long hair that is naturally really wavy which do yall prefer: wavy, curly, or straight hair on a girl?

Thank you guys for the responses :) and I apologize because I guess this post should technically be in the "style" section sorry


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  • From what I'm told by my guy, the "sexy scholar" look is the most appealing. It's innocent, intellectual, and sexy all at once. The look is basically conservative with implied sexuality -- fitted skirt, and top, usually a sweater or jacket of some sort, eye glasses, the long hair. Make the outfit a little "edgy" with a discreetly patterned stocking, long boots, or hoop earrings. Think modesty with a hint of sexuality. Wear a nice scent.

    You should maintain yourself -- be fit, not flabby -- and always have a few conversational pieces aside from what's going on in your classroom. A few jokes that a guy would appreciate while you're chatting each other up at the local pub. Maybe a sexy story as well if things are headed in that direction for you.

    The combination of the look, the smell, and your intellectual/conversational skills will get him head over heals for you. Note: If a guy perceives of you as conservative, he may be holding back his wild side for you. Let him have a peek at your wild side so he knows you'll appreciate his thoughts along those lines.


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  • If women have outfits that reveals a little bit more of their skin, that's the best way to catch our eyes. Especially if the cleave is showing, and the legs' figure are seen. Also, heels make a good job making a girl attractive.

    Straight hair is always the best.

  • Every guy is different, so hair really is not an issue. Go with what makes you feel the most comfortable. As far as what you should wear. I think it would be a great idea to wear something sexy but not slutty. Don't give him the wrong idea about you. Good luck :D

  • high heel thigh boots and a miniskirt


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