Was this girl in to me?

Was on the bus, chick walked on, looked around and saw me, looked like she was gonna sit next to me, but stopped and moved to another one because I was hogging up both seats by resting my leg on the other one lol. Anyway, after finishing what I was doing, I went back to the bus terminal to catch my bus home where we both saw each other again. We both lined up to catch the same bus, except she was near the front and I was near the back. Anyway, she stepped out of the line to stand in front of me for some reason. I thought to myself "I'm gonna sit next to her this time, maybe strike up a convo.", but when the bus came, her and a few other people stepped out of the line. I was like "meh" and decided to go on board. Turns out I caught the wrong bus because I forgot the bus number changes during this time and had to hop off and walk all the way back to the bus terminal lol. But I digress, was this girl in to me or what?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Not really, did she smile at you, or give you any clear signal?

    • Well, when she stood out of the line to stand in front of me, she stood sideways, like so she could see at the corner of hr eye, and looked like she was waiting for me to say something to her.

      Oh, and I think she did glance a few times. Don't know if she smiled though, didn't pay attention to her face much because I tried to look like I didn't care lol (stupid, I know).

    • Hmm by that info I'm sorry to say no.

    • Ah, okay lol

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What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think stepping in front of you in line and looking at you is any indication of interest tbh.


What Guys Said 3

  • Yes, she's clearly in to you. The act of catching your attention through some eye contact and standing in front of you, I think you already got the green flags. It's best to approach her now, or lose her forever to another guy.

    • This happened a week ago. Has been on my mind ever since, I feel like I lost this opporutnity lol

  • Nope.

  • Absolutely nothing of that makes it sound like she was into you.