What does it mean when a girl and a guy have an " eye lock" ?

there this guy in my college who have noticed him looking at me from side glance. so one day I just turned to look at him. he noticed it, and both of us looked at each other for few seconds. Very awkward feeling. I constantly looked at him and then he all of suddenly looked away.

Is there anything I can do LadyLuck. I think he is not interested , but I really want to settle the matter. I have two more years with him. after my text he is not responding well. I didn't mean to scare him off. I swear !
do you think after all I did... he will respond .. I doubt about it ! I feel he is avoiding me now.
I think you did read somewhere his reply to me. when I texted him to open up... could you plzz tell me what do you think about it. I don't feel good to sms him again.
okay... I think he is avoiding me ... so I have even planned to do the same. if he is interested he will come back !
haha thanks
look. I am absoulutely not embarassed of what I have done to him... I did what I thought was right. thanx for your reply. really appreciate that. and I am fine with it. I told you I am going to avoid him. if he is interested he will come back !
by the way it seems your keeping track of all I am writing to bluekev... may I know why? are you also wanting to help me ( thank you soo much LadyLuck)


Most Helpful Guy

  • yes shuba I did write that. and read what you wrote. what I meant to say is it sounds like the guy could be annoyed because he isn't ready yet. its possible he still has things he is embarased about. but shuba I think he is wrong and you are right. if I knew him I would say look man I know your not ready yet but you havre got to stop holding back. this girl shuba is doing so much. now this is what I meant. lets say your parrents got you a birthday preasent and it is not your birthday yet and you keep saying let me open it let me see it. they would probobly say no its to early and get annoyed. but shuba would that mean there was no gift no. if that girl I knew who threw herself at me kept asking me and I still felt I needed to fix some things about myself I would have to find away to delay things but without saying I don't like you. cause if I say I don't like you its a lie. and then we will never get togeather. but if I say give me a cupple of weeks then she may rush me and what if I hadnt fixed myself yet. so if I just said I don't realy know what you mean ( notice I did not say I don't like you ) it buys me time. notice he did not say I don't like you. shuba lady luck is right in a way. but my angle is all you have to do is make him comfortable and then the perfection stage will end. but he is wrong and shuba you are right. I am mad at him. he shouldnt be so insecure by now. the smiling and waving lady luck mentioned will be good for now. trust me you will be on his mind and he will come back. give him his space and trust me in a week or so he will try talking or texting you. then ask to study. he is frusterated at himself for not being ready so he takes it out on you. id like to take him aside!